"DRI-VENT" Vented Closure Strips

Adequate roof ventilation and uniform airflow are critical for the proper maintenance of metal buildings. Carrington's 'Dri-Vent' vented closure strips are a rugged, breathable, easy-to-install solution to ensure adequate ventilation for metal roofs.

In addition to providing exceptional venting, the 'Dri-Vent' closure is the only product on the market that provides the ideal balance of:

  • limiting wind-driven rain from entering the ridge area, and

  • allowing an "escape route" for any moisture that does work its way into the ridge area during humid summers or extreme wind-driven rain.

The specially engineered design allows gravity to draw moisture down and out of the closure, out of the ridge area and down the roof panel. With other products, that moisture is trapped and unable to escape, potentially leading to rust, rot, mold and mildew in the ridge area.

Carrington’s vented closures come with adhesive strips for ease of installation.

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